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Half Moon Bay, Akumal

This is a great place to hang out. The snorkeling is choice,  you will see a multitude of colorful tropical fish and live coral.There are huge Brain coral heads in the center of the bay. If you are a strong swimmer you can  go beyond the reef to the North and snorkel into the mouth of Yal-Ku lagoon. This activity is not for the novice snorkeler!


Akumal Bay

Beautiful sugar white sand beaches and a scuba center complete with diving, swimming, fishing and wind surfing gear. Lol-Ha restaurant and beach bar, pizzeria and ice cream shop on the beach - also a few small  boutiques and native goods from Mexico and Central America


ACTUN-CHEN Cave System

10 minutes north of Soliman Bay you will see a large green sign on  the right for the Actun-Chen Cave and Cavern system. You will travel a well  groomed dirt road 3.2 km through the jungle. This area was once a "chicle" plantation. Actun- Chen eco-park has been open 5 months and is a first class operation. The cave itself is magic!



Xel-Ha is a beautiful lagoon much larger than Yal-Ku.Heavy tourist area, go early to avoid the bus loads from Cancun. Lots of shops and eating areas. Restricted snorkeling and swimming.



Look for the Blue "Casa Cenote" sign with yellow letters and  go left onto the dirt road. Drive to the beach, go left and then it will be another 1/2 mile on the right. Blue cenote and a nice beach, lots of mangroves  and birds.A great spot for lunch!



Tulum is the most magnificent Mayan ruins on the Caribbean Sea. The main pyramid, El Castillo, sits on a 10-meter cliff and has an impressive view of the Caribbean. The pyramid is also aligned with a natural break in the world's second largest barrier reef and functioned as a lighthouse  for Mayan boats. Tulum means , "walled city". It encompasses the temple complex  and a sacred cenote. Post classic period 900-1200 AD. Large market at entrance,  bargaining is expected. Gas station here.


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